A Detailed List of 25 Hottest OnlyFans Girls

Bella Thorne (@bellathorne)

Bella Thorne is an American director, actress, singer, and model. She caused ripples on OnlyFans when she made $1 million on her first day! Anabella Avery Thorne was born on October-8th, 1997. She has plenty of accolades under her belt, with roles in Dirty Sexy Money and Shake it Up as well as The Duff, making her a fan favorite in Hollywood. She is no stranger in the adult film industry, having directed Him and Her, an adult film for Pornhub, in 2019. Bella joined OnlyFans in August 2020 and still ranks as one of the most popular girls on the platform. Click the link below to see her profile on OnlyFans. 

Francia James (@francety)

Francia James is an American model and social media star. Born on May 15th, 1990, Francia is a beautiful and fun-loving girl of Latin descent. She loves dancing, singing and pets. Francia’s rise to stardom is attributed to her modeling for major brands like Playboy, all courtesy of her following on Instagram and other social media platforms. She is currently single, but if you are thinking of going after her, then perhaps you should know that she has an estimated net worth of $700,000. Francia James is now dedicated to her OnlyFans page, giving her fans a closer look at her beautiful features. Click the link below to see what she’s been doing. 

Christy Mack (@christymack)

Christine Mackinday is an American model and former pornstar. She was born on 9th May 1991. Christy worked her way to the top, going from modeling on car shows to becoming a world-famous tattoo model. She broke into the adult film industry in 2012 thanks to her unique tattoos, but she retired soon after. Christy has won many awards in the porn scene, including Best Overall Newcomer and The AVN Award for Most Promising New Starlet. Mack is now focusing on OnlyFans as her platform, interacting with her fans and admirers on a more personal level. Click this link to view her profile. 

Tana Marie Mongeau (@tanamongeau)

Tana Marie Mongeau is another American model taking social media by storm. This talented internet personality was born on June 24th, 1998. She has many achievements under her belt, with videos such as The N-word and Story Time putting her on the global map. Marie has also had a stint in music and modeling, working with other great celebrities like Bella Thorne. Tana is known for her beautiful personality and infectious smile, as well as a great work ethic. With thousands of followers on OnlyFans, Marie’s page should be on your subscription list. Click below to view her profile. 

Laura Lux (@lauralux)

Laura Lux has a lot to offer in the adult entertainment scene, with her beauty and versatility attracting millions of fans worldwide. This Australian sensation was born on August 23rd, 1998, making her one of the youngest headline hitters on OnlyFans. Laura is a social media mogul, a model, and a DJ. What makes Lux so popular is her love and appreciation for her fans. Unlike other celebrities, she invests in one on one interactions and responds to fans directly. Laura is beautiful and down-to-earth, a personality that resonates with everyone who knows her. Click on the link below to see what she’s like on OnlyFans. 

Lena Paul (@lenaisapeach)

Lena Paul is a 27-year-old American porn star. She was born on 12th October 1993. Lena stands out because she is one of the few college-educated actresses in the adult industry, with a degree in Latin American Studies from Florida. Lena has starred in a record 290 adult films due to her beauty and well-toned body. Paul is also an award winner, with accolades such as Most Voluptuous Vixen (2018) and The Most Historically Accurate Thot (2019) under her belt. Apart from the adult film industry, she is also a model and a social media influencer. Click the link below to see her profile on Onlyfans. 

Lexi Belle (@omgitslexi)

An avid animal lover, Lexi Belle is also a famous American adult film star. Belle was born on August 5th, 1987, and she grew to become a breathtaking and talented blonde superstar in adult movie ranks. Aside from porn, Lexi has featured in the action thriller Samurai Cop 2. This movie put her on the map as a multi-talented actress. Belle is an award-winning pornstar–voted among the most popular stars in 2011. Perhaps worth mentioning is also the fact that she plays the trombone. Lexi has recently dedicated her efforts to OnlyFans, and you can now view her profile on the link below. 

Mikayla Saravia (@kkvsh)

Mikayla is an American Instagram sensation. She is famous for her beautiful face and curvy body, as well as her crazy long tongue. Saravia was born on October 29th, 1997, and she rose to stardom when she posted her 61/2 inch tongue on Instagram in 2019. Mikayla has also been a Youtube sensation since 2015 and has a cumulative net worth of approximately $300,000. This beautiful girl has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and thousands more on OnlyFans. She is known to be a crowd-pleaser, with her pretty face, great body, and unique tongue making her top of the popularity charts. Click below to see what she’s been up to on OnlyFans. 

Sophie Dee (@sophiedeelive)

Sophie Dee is a British model and actress who has been making waves in the adult industry. Born on January 17th, 1984, Sophie followed her two sisters into porn and became an instant sensation in 2005. Although petite, Sophie D has a record of 644 films, making her one of the most successful actors in her industry. She is especially famous for her brown hair and piercing blue eyes, features that make her stand out in a crowd. Sophie has several stage names, including Kirsty Hill and Mary Beth. If you are into blue-eyed beauties, you are in the right place.

Kendra Sunderland (@kslibrarygirl)

Kendra Sunderland is an American actress who has evolved from a low-key webcam model to one of the most sought-after porn stars in the industry. Sunderland was born on June 16th, 1995. Her path to stardom happened by accident, with a video clip she made in a school library going viral with over 275,000 views. Kendra did a couple of photoshoots for Playboy after that, but she didn’t get inducted into the adult film industry until 2015. She hasn’t looked back since. She is now focussing her efforts on OnlyFans, allowing her admirers to see what she can do. View her profile on this link. 

Romi Rain (@romi_rain)

Romi is an American pornstar who came from a simple beginning–waiting tables as she worked her way up to the top. Born on January 12th, 1988, Romi began exotic dancing at 19, after which she went into modeling. She also appeared in various Playboy special editions as a nude model, which helped her transition into hardcore porn at 24 (2012). Romi has made a name for herself in adult entertainment, a feature that has elevated her to one of the most sought-after girls on OnlyFans. She is also moderately active on social media, with millions of fans on various platforms. Click on the link below to see what she has been up to on OnlyFans. 

Emily Willis (@emilywillisxxx)

Emily Willis is a talented American writer and actress from Filmore, Utah. Born on December 29th, 1998, Emily is a young, beautiful social media star with millions of followers on various platforms. Emily loves fitness, as evident in her well-toned, curvy body. This 22-year-old beauty is also a ballerina, and she has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Since 2018, Emily Willis has posted hundreds of sexy photos of her beautiful body, gaining the envy and admiration of many of her fans. Her OnlyFans account is full of steamy experiences as well. Click here to see her live on OnlyFans. 

Anne Moore (@muvamoore)

Anne Moore is an American social media star who went viral for her beauty and curves. She was born on 25th July 1996 and has grown to be one of the most influential social media personalities. Anne rose to fame in 2018 when she shared a provocative video of her shaking her boobs. The post blew up and went viral, earning her almost 100,000 followers. Anne is beautiful, educated, and approachable, features that make her a popular figure to all her fans. If you want a closer look at her, click here to see what she’s up to on OnlyFans. 

Alexis Texas (@alexis_texas)

Alexis Texas is a famous American adult film star. Born on 25th May 1985, this blonde Texan beauty is also a social media influencer with close to 4 million followers. Alexis is a household name in the porn industry, having worked with Bangbros and other adult entertainment groups. She has also won plenty of awards, including but not limited to NightMovesand XBIZ,and she ranked as one of the 12 top female porn stars in 2010. If you want to learn more about her, click on this link to see her live on OnlyFans. 

Suzy Cortez (@suzycortez)

Fondly referred to as the Brazillian Miss BumBum, Suzy Cortez is as sexy as they come. This Brazillian internet sensation was born in 1990, working her way to fame through next-level fitness. Her perfect body elevated her to fame in a short period, making her the envy of her peers. Suzy has become a beacon of hope for women worldwide as she inspired them to achieve the perfect body. She has become an international symbol, getting contracts as far as Hong Kong and Spain. If you want to see Miss BumBum up close on OnlyFans, click on the link below. 

Stormy Premium (@stormy_nsfw)

Stormy Premium is a beautiful brunette with a piercing sexy body. The fame and recognition gained in the adult industry ranked her as a popular figure on OnlyFans and other social media platforms. Stormy is very petite at only 80 lbs, but she has a large following by her great kinks and flexibility. Stormy has been active on most social media platforms, including Twitter, but has now shifted her focus to her fans on OnlyFans. View her profile on the link below. 

Nicole Aniston (@xnicoleanistonx)

From a contract with Reality Kings in 2009 to becoming Penthouse Pet of the Year, she is no stranger to success. Aniston was born on 9th September 1987 and has become one of the highest-rated adult film stars in the 21st century. Aniston also doubles up as an exotic dancer and a model. Nicole is beautiful and driven, running her site and winning plenty of awards while at it. If you want to see more of this blonde internet sensation, find her on OnlyFans (@xnicoleanistonx) or click on the link below. 

Christy Foxx (@foxxchristy)

With striking blonde hair and a face that is hard to miss, Christy Foxx is as beautiful as she is talented. Foxx was born on December 12th, 1993, and is now on a list of highly-rated adult film stars. Christy has plenty of kinks for her fans, keeping them entertained every second. She may only be 5’5″, but she more than compensates with her great personality. Foxx has featured in hundreds of adult films, and she is active on various social media platforms and has millions of followers. Click on the link below to see her profile on OnlyFans. 

Molly Eskam (@mollyeskam)

Molly Eskam is an American social media celebrity and swimsuit model. She was born in Nebraska on 29th September 1998. Although most of her content is online, Molly has walked the runway for several events with Courtney Allegra. Her popularity stems mainly from her beautiful face and breathtaking body, features that have elevated her to celebrity status. Molly loves her body, and she flaunts it every chance she gets! You can share her experiences by clicking on this link. 

Megan Barton (@meganbartonhanson)

Considered one of Britain’s most beautiful women, Megan Barton Hanson is both an actor and an internet sensation. Her rise to fame after a stint in the famous TV series Love Island in 2018. Megan Barton was born on March 6th, 1994, and has had her fair share of glitz and glam. Her OnlyFans page is one of the most followed accounts on the platform, with thousands of admirers. She is beautiful as she is talented, and at 27 years old, she is still giving other models a run for their money. Click here to see her profile on OnlyFans.

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