BC.GAME Unleashes Racing and Trading: Dive into the Action Now!

A thrilling announcement for our avid players: BC.GAME has just rolled out its latest features—horse racing and trading games. Now, players can indulge in betting on horse and greyhound races worldwide and leverage the casino’s trading platform to engage in cryptocurrency buying and selling.

Bet on the Finest Steeds and Greyhounds to Boost Your Earnings

BC.GAME, renowned for its expansive sportsbook, introduces an even more exhilarating range of racing games for betting enthusiasts. Players can handpick their preferred fixture or racetrack by country and explore each race’s forecast, complete with a roster of competitors sporting scores from previous races.

For added convenience, players can access top picks for each race, aiding them in making well-informed bets on either horses or greyhounds. Just like other events in BC.GAME‘s sportsbook, players can watch the races live, eagerly awaiting the outcomes of their wagers. Whether it’s the thrill of horse racing or the speed of greyhound competitions, players can peruse upcoming matches to strategize their bets.

Navigate to the Racing section on our official website by selecting “Racing” from the top of the page. This feature seamlessly integrates with the existing “Casino” and “Sportsbook” sections, offering a holistic gaming experience.

Crypto Trading: Buy and Sell for Profit

In an era of cryptocurrency volatility, BC.GAME introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows players to bet on the price movements of digital currencies. Mimicking the experience of trading on popular crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, players can predict the price shifts of cryptocurrencies based on their historical data and engage in buying or selling.

Why is this feature a game-changer? Beyond the realm of gambling, crypto trading emerges as a potentially lucrative endeavor. The beauty lies in its integration within the BC.GAME platform—players seamlessly transition from playing casino games to trading cryptocurrencies, all within the same space. Profits earned are conveniently reflected in the player’s account, streamlining the entire experience.

Stay updated on further developments related to the trading feature by joining our official Telegram group. For easy access, click on this TG link and become part of our growing community.


BC.GAME‘s latest additions not only expand the gaming repertoire but also beckon racing enthusiasts and seasoned bettors. Now, they can leverage their digital currencies to bet on preferred horses and greyhounds. The introduction of the trading feature not only adds a layer of enjoyment to price monitoring but also presents a golden opportunity for players to profit from the ebbs and flows of crypto prices. Exciting times await!

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