DarwinFPV Darwin129 7” Long Range PNP

DarwinFPV Darwin129 7” Long Range PNP Quadcopter emerges as a force to be reckoned with. With a host of upgrades and enhancements, this drone is designed for enthusiasts who crave both speed and endurance. Let’s delve into the features that make the Darwin129 a standout in the world of long-range quadcopters.

Upgraded GPS for Precision:

The Darwin129 has undergone meticulous upgrades, including the transition to the M80 GPS system. This enhancement ensures faster star search speeds and higher accuracy, crucial for long-range flights. The addition of a tail buzzer and eight high-brightness RGB lights simplifies drone location, providing pilots with improved tracking capabilities.

Improved Motor Cable and Battery Pad:

To enhance durability and user experience, the motor cable has been upgraded to silicone cable with ample insulation to withstand soldering temperatures. The addition of a battery pad effectively prevents slippage, ensuring a secure and stable power source during flights.

Enhanced VTX for Extended Transmission:

The specially designed VTX antenna caters to long-range flight requirements, significantly extending the transmission distance. With a boosted transmission power of 800mW, the Darwin129 ensures a more extended reach, perfect for those who push the boundaries of FPV exploration.

Bluetooth-Enabled Flight Controller:

The flight controller in the Darwin129 supports Bluetooth functionality, allowing quick and convenient connectivity to a mobile phone app. This feature streamlines the drone tuning process, offering pilots greater control and customization for an optimal flying experience.

Powerful Motor Specifications:

The drone is equipped with a potent 2507 1800KV 3-5S Brushless Motor, delivering impressive thrust and performance. With a max thrust of 1488g on 4S/7″, this motor configuration ensures the Darwin129 is ready to tackle the demands of long-range flights.

Comprehensive Stack:

The 4-in-1 50A Blheli_S ESC and F4 Flight Controller combination provides seamless integration, with features like a 10V 1A BEC, MPU6000 Gyro, and support for 3-6S lithium batteries. The stack is designed for reliability and efficient performance, essential for long-range FPV racing.

Advanced VTX Technology:

The 5.8G 40CH 800mW VTX TX805 introduces smart audio technology, enabling easy adjustments to power output. With switchable power levels ranging from 25mW to an impressive 800mW, pilots can adapt to varying flight conditions for optimal signal transmission.


The DarwinFPV Darwin129 7” Long Range PNP Quadcopter is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of FPV technology. With a focus on precision, durability, and extended range, this drone caters to the needs of long-range enthusiasts, offering a powerful and feature-packed platform for thrilling and immersive flights. Strap in and get ready to explore the skies with the Darwin129!

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