EMAX Babyhawk O3 Air Unit: A Compact 4K Cinematic FPV Drone for Content Creators

EMAX introduces the Babyhawk O3 Air Unit, a compact and portable FPV drone designed for content creators and FPV enthusiasts. With its 4K HD camera, zero-latency video feed, and advanced features, the Babyhawk O3 is tailored for capturing high-quality stabilized footage in various scenarios. In collaboration with DJI, this drone integrates the DJI FPV system, providing a seamless and crisp video experience.

Key Features:

  1. 4K Video Feed with Rocksteady Stabilization:
    • The Babyhawk O3 features a 4K video feed with zero-latency through the DJI FPV system.
    • Equipped with Rocksteady Video Stabilization for smooth and stable video recordings directly from the camera.
  2. Optimal Power System for Efficiency:
    • Utilizes the most optimal power system for carrying digital video transmission, achieving an excellent power-to-weight ratio.
    • Balances efficiency and acrobatic capabilities, pushing the limits for long flight times with high-performance maneuvers.
  3. Compact and Portable Design:
    • Designed for portability, the Babyhawk O3 stays under 250 grams while delivering exceptional performance.
    • Ideal for cinematic flights in exotic locations or high-speed chases in action sports.
  4. Betaflight Operating System:
    • Based on Betaflight, an open-source drone operating system, providing constant updates and new features.
    • Allows the Babyhawk O3 to stay up-to-date and relevant in the FPV community with customizable characteristics and features.
  5. Open Source Radio System (ELRS):
    • Optionally designed with the new Open Source radio system, ELRS (ExpressLRS).
    • Eliminates the need for brand-specific radio controllers, offering customization options for cinematic needs.
    • Achieves long-range capabilities and signal penetration while allowing potential future performance upgrades.
  6. All-in-One 4K Video Capture Experience:
    • The Babyhawk O3 offers a comprehensive 4K video capture experience with superior performance in the sub-250-gram class of aircraft.
    • Re-invents FPV for a new era, catering to the evolving needs of film-makers and content creators.


EMAX’s Babyhawk O3 Air Unit brings together compact design, 4K video capabilities, and the latest in FPV technology to cater to the demands of modern content creation. Whether you’re exploring cinematic landscapes or engaging in high-speed action, the Babyhawk O3 offers a reliable and efficient solution for capturing stunning aerial footage. Upgrade your FPV experience with this feature-packed drone designed for the new era of cinematography.

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