EMAX Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle: Best Outdoor FPV Experience

Start an exciting outdoor FPV journey with the EMAX Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle, a cutting-edge racing drone designed for enthusiasts eager to embrace the excitement of outdoor flights. Engineered for precision, durability, and extended airtime, this quadcopter sets a new standard in performance.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Motor and Propellers:
    • Equipped with a high-performance 12025 7000KV motor, meticulously calibrated for optimal RPM and efficiency.
    • Paired with AVAN Rush 2.5-inch propellers, delivering exceptional grip and thrust for a versatile and exhilarating flying experience.
  2. Upgraded Carbon Fiber Frame:
    • Crafted from an advanced aerospace-grade 3k woven carbon fiber blend for enhanced durability.
    • The lightweight yet robust frame is designed to endure high-impact situations, featuring an eye-catching designer pattern.
  3. Enhanced Transmission Power:
    • Increased transmission power for punching through interference and obstacles with ease.
    • Robust signal strength and stability optimized in the analog system, ensuring confidence in challenging flight environments.
  4. HD Zero Video Transmission System:
    • The HD version features the groundbreaking HD Zero video transmission system, setting a new standard for clarity and precision.
    • Captures every detail of your flight in stunning high-definition quality, elevating the FPV experience.
  5. Transporter 2 HD FPV Goggle:
    • The Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle HD version is accompanied by the reimagined Transporter 2 HD FPV Goggle.
    • Detachable screen for a customizable flying experience paired with the new E8 transmitter.
    • Powerful receiver for pristine high-definition video feed and built-in DVR for HD flight footage capture.
  6. E8 Transmitter with ELRS Protocol:
    • The E8 transmitter offers unmatched precision and smoothness with high-quality gimbals.
    • Utilizes the cutting-edge ELRS (ExpressLRS) transmitter protocol known for low latency and rock-solid signal reliability.
  7. Optional 3″ Frame Upgrade:
    • Available for purchase, a separate 3″ frame option for those seeking more power and agility.
    • Transforms the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle into a high-performance powerhouse for demanding flights.


In the realm of outdoor drones, the EMAX Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle stands as a beacon of performance and FPV immersion, unrivaled in its class. With features like a high-performance motor, upgraded frame, HD Zero video transmission, and the ELRS-enabled E8 transmitter, this quadcopter redefines the outdoor FPV experience. Elevate your flying adventures with the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle, where precision meets exhilaration.

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