GEPRC MARK4: Soaring to New Heights with the Ultimate 7-Inch Analog FPV Drone

GEPRC has once again pushed the boundaries of FPV drone technology with the MARK4 7-inch Analog FPV, a powerful and visually stunning quadcopter designed for enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and reliable flying experience. Let’s explore the key features that make the MARK4 stand out in the world of FPV drones.

Classic and Attractive Design:

The MARK4 boasts a classic and attractive appearance, setting it apart from the crowd. The frame, constructed with precision and durability in mind, features a top plate of 3mm, a bottom plate of 3mm, arm plates of 5mm, and a splint plate of 2mm, ensuring a robust structure that can withstand the rigors of FPV racing.

High-Power VTX for Reliable Signal:

Equipped with the RAD 5.8G 1.6W high-power VTX, the MARK4 ensures a stable and reliable signal transmission. This high-powered VTX is a game-changer, providing pilots with confidence in signal strength and stability during their flights.

E2806.5 1350KV Motor for Strong Output:

With the GEPRC E2806.5 1350KV motor at its core, the MARK4 is recommended to be paired with a 6S battery for a strong and efficient power output. This motor choice ensures the drone’s ability to handle dynamic maneuvers with ease, delivering an exhilarating flying experience.

Stable Performance with F405 V2 FC and 45A BLHeli_S ESC:

The integration of the F405 V2 flight controller and the SPAN 45A BLHeli_S ESC ensures stable performance and a comfortable flying experience. The STM32F405RGT6 MCU and ICM-42688-P gyro contribute to the overall stability and responsiveness of the drone.

Caddx H1 Camera for Superior Visuals:

The use of the Caddx H1 camera ensures a good visual experience, capturing high-quality footage for both pilot enjoyment and video recording purposes. The camera’s performance complements the overall excellence of the MARK4.


  • Model: MARK4 7-inch FPV
  • Wheelbase: 295mm
  • Weight: 455g
  • Flight Controller: GEPRC F405 V2
  • ESC: SPAN 45A BLHeli_S
  • VTX: GEPRC RAD 5.8G 1.6W
  • Motor: GEPRC E2806.5 1350KV
  • Camera: Caddx H1
  • Propeller: Gemfan 7037-3
  • Receiver Options: PNP/ TBS NanoRX / GEPRC ELRS24 / GEPRC ELRS 915

Flight Time and Battery Recommendations:

The MARK4 offers an impressive flight time ranging from 12 to 30 minutes, depending on the battery choice. Recommended batteries include Lipo 6S 2600mAh-4200mAh and Lion 6S 6000mAh, providing pilots with flexibility to tailor their flight experience.

Included Accessories:

The MARK4 comes complete with essential accessories, including Gemfan 7037-3 propellers, M20*250mm battery straps, battery silicone pads, a set of screws, and L-shaped screwdrivers (1.5mm and 2mm), ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

In Conclusion:

GEPRC MARK4 stands tall as a symbol of innovation and performance. With its classic design, high-power components, and attention to detail, this 7-inch Analog FPV drone is set to redefine the expectations of enthusiasts, offering a thrilling and visually captivating flying experience. Strap in and experience the heights of FPV excellence with the GEPRC MARK4.

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