GEPRC MARK5 HD O3: Releasing Freestyle FPV Mastery

GEPRC introduces the MARK5 HD O3, a cutting-edge freestyle FPV drone that redefines aerial possibilities. With an array of advanced features and upgrades, the MARK5 HD O3 promises to take your FPV experience to new heights. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a newcomer to the world of FPV, this quadcopter is designed to broaden horizons and push the boundaries of creativity.

Key Features:

  1. Upgraded Lens Aluminum Alloy Side Plate: The durable and visually impactful aluminum alloy side plate enhances the overall robustness of the drone.
  2. Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Parameter Tuning: The inclusion of Bluetooth support allows for wireless connection to mobile phones, facilitating convenient parameter tuning.
  3. Freestyle-Oriented Design: Developed specifically for freestyle flying, the MARK5 HD O3 features a squashed X arm design, providing optimal control and agility in dynamic flight scenarios.
  4. O3 VTX Upgrade: The HD version incorporates the new O3 VTX, delivering clear images, a stable signal, low-latency, long-distance capabilities, and support for up to 4K/60fps recording.
  5. Powerful ESC and Motor Combo: The SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4in1 50A ESC, paired with the latest GEPRC 2107.5 motor, ensures strong power, rapid response, precise throttle control, and a smooth flight experience.
  6. Frame Shock Absorption Design: The unique frame shock absorption design minimizes vibrations, providing a safe and stable electronic system operating environment.
  7. Independent Capacitor and Buzzer Cabin: Enhancing overall stability, the drone features an independent capacitor and buzzer cabin, ensuring a stable and jitter-free flight experience.
  8. Versatile Camera Mounts: The MARK5 HD O3 offers two 3D printing camera mounts that accommodate a range of cameras, including Naked 8/10, Insta 360 GO2, and Caddx Peanut, providing stable and clear shooting effects.
  9. Vibrant Color Options: The O3 version introduces coral orange and emerald green colors, adding a touch of vibrancy to your FPV adventures.
  10. D-C vs. X Structure Options: The D-C structure offers an unobstructed viewing angle during flight, perfect for internal recording, while the X structure is ideal for freestyle flying with slightly visible propellers during O3 internal recording.


  • Model: MARK5 D – C HD O3 Quadcopter
  • Frame: GEP-MK5D O3/GEP-MK5X O3
  • Wheelbase: 225mm
  • Top Plate: 2.5mm
  • Bottom Plate: 2.5mm
  • Arm Plate: 5mm
  • FC System: SPAN F722-BT-HD V2
  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Gyro: 42688-P(SPI)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
  • ESC: SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1 50A 4-6S ESC
  • VTX: O3 Air Unit
  • Camera: O3
  • Propeller: Gemfan 5136
  • Antenna: O3 antenna
  • Motor: SPEEDX2 2107.5-1960KV (6S Version) / SPEEDX2 2107.5-2450KV(4S Version)
  • Weight: MK5D: 426.0g, MK5X: 404.9g(MARK5 HD O3 including 3D printed parts)
  • Receiver: PNP, Frsky R-XSR, TBS Nano RX, ELRS 2.4G
  • Recommended Battery: LiPo 4S 1300mAh-1800mAh (4S Version) / LiPo 6S 1050mAh-1550mAh(6S Version)

Package Includes:

The MARK5 HD O3 Quadcopter package includes essential accessories, from propellers and battery straps to 3D printed parts and screwdrivers, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for users.

Warranty Policy:

The warranty policy highlights scenarios not covered, emphasizing responsible operation, adherence to safety guidelines, and avoiding unauthorized modifications. GEPRC is committed to providing reliable products but encourages users to operate their drones safely and responsibly.


The GEPRC MARK5 HD O3 represents the pinnacle of freestyle FPV drones, combining advanced technology, powerful performance, and versatile design. With its innovative features and vibrant color options, this quadcopter is set to inspire and empower FPV enthusiasts on their aerial journeys.

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