How to make money online with DirectLink Ad Networks


Making money online with DirectLinks is a simple and easy process. Directlinks aren’t limited to just one ad format, such as banner ads, Native Ads, or Pop under Ads. Directlinks encompass all of the above, allowing you to insert your link into a custom image, banner, or even build your own popup under script.

You can obtain your Directlink from the top three Directlink Ad Networks, such as Monetag, Adsterra, and Richads. Enrollment is free, and they accept almost anyone. You don’t even need a website to enroll and, once signed up, you can acquire your Directlink to start making money 🤑 💰 online.

Making money with DirectLinks is even easier because owning a website is not a prerequisite. You can share your links on forums, social media, or websites like, where you can post your blog or affiliate posts for free. While having your own blog or website is advantageous, it’s not mandatory.

Adsterra, Richads, and Monetag operate as CPM Ad Networks. This means that even if you don’t get any signups or sales, you can still earn money with DirectLinks. The key lies in the quality of the traffic you’re sending. If you attract good traffic to your links, you can still make more money. Additionally, more traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to more money; it’s the quality of the traffic that determines your online earnings.

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