Know About The Most Common ENT Surgeries

Debasish Mukherjee

“There are varieties of ENT surgeries performed by ENT surgeons. Read this article to know about the common ENT surgeries in detail”.

We all know that ENT doctors treat sinus problems, ear infections or throat issues. Generally, the ENT doctor will advise you to solve any of those medical conditions with non-invasive treatment. Sometimes, the doctor might suggest you go through a minimally invasive surgery.

Here are the five most common ENT surgeries are given below:


The tonsillectomy surgery is to remove the tonsils. The tonsil gland is generally visible at the back of the throat. In this surgery, the best ENT surgeon in Kolkata removed the tonsil. Tonsils are one of the most important body parts that help to protect against any infection. Sometimes, children with large tonsils can face breathing problems, especially at night. Sometimes the extended part of the tonsil also traps bacteria that cause sore throat. For such a condition, the doctor may ask for surgery.


The Septoplasty surgery is done to straighten the deviated septum. Generally, the 7-centimetre-long septum divides the nose into two chambers or nostrils containing cartilage and bones. The deviated septum refers to the crooked or bent part that resists the airflow inside the mouth. Sometimes, people may get it when they are born, or it can become deviated from any injury.

Septoplasty is normally a minor or low-risk surgery that takes a few days to be healed properly. But sometimes, excessive bleeding, infection and numbness can be a concern for this.

Sinus Surgery:

The main purpose of sinus surgery is to treat a serious state of sinusitis. Through this surgery, the best ENT surgeon in South Kolkata removes the nasal polyps affecting the sinus. If medication can not help this sinus condition, they may need sinus surgery.

The sinus surgery is not painful, and you will feel no pain. The doctors perform a screening test before the surgery to find out if you can take the operation and advise you of certain precautions to make yourself ready for the surgery.

Endoscopic Sinus:

Endoscopic sinus surgery involves removing the blockage and sinus issues using an endoscope. The endoscope is a tube that uses a camera and light when working. In this kind of surgery, the best ENT surgeon in Behala normally doesn’t cut the skin, and rather they perform the procedure inside of the nostrils. Endoscopic surgery is the best for people who need to go through nasal congestion, breathing difficulty and other pain issues.

ENT Oncology:

ENT Oncology refers to the use of the latest surgical along with reconstructive procedures to help people in getting rid of tumors that are affecting the head and neck. In advanced-stage cancer, the best ENT head & neck surgery in Kolkata works with medical oncology specialists to provide the best treatment plan.


These are all the common surgeries performed on people with ENT issues. You should consult the best ENT specialist in Kolkata who is board certified and has experience in treating different types of ENT surgical issues. Even if you need to take medication for any case, you must be supervised by the doctor. Otherwise, it may work adversely.


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