PowerVision PowerRay Explorer: Unleashing the Depths of Underwater Exploration

Dive into the world beneath the waves with the PowerVision PowerRay Explorer, an underwater FPV drone ROV fishing camera that redefines underwater exploration and fishing experiences. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the PowerRay Explorer takes you on an immersive journey to discover the mysteries of the underwater realm.

Key Features:

  1. Underwater ROV Design:
    • Compact and agile, the PowerRay Explorer boasts a size of 465270126mm and weighs approximately 3.8kg, providing a versatile and portable underwater drone for various aquatic adventures.
  2. Hydrodynamic Performance:
    • With a maximum speed of 1.5m/s and a working width of ≤30m, the PowerRay Explorer effortlessly navigates underwater environments with precision and efficiency.
    • The drone’s hydrostatic water usage allows for an impressive 4 hours of exploration.
  3. High-Quality Imaging:
    • Equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 1240w pixels, the PowerRay Explorer captures stunning underwater visuals.
    • The camera lens with a focal length of 2.8 ensures clarity in both photos and videos.
  4. Versatile Shooting Modes:
    • Capture the underwater world in various modes, including single pictures, continuous shots (up to 5 frames), and impressive slow-motion photography at 3/4 times the normal speed.
    • Video resolutions include 4K at 25fps, 1440p at 50fps, and Full HD at 30/60fps.
  5. Ample Storage Capacity:
    • The PowerRay Explorer supports up to 64GB of storage, allowing you to store a vast collection of high-quality photos and videos during your underwater excursions.
  6. Remote Control and Communication:
    • The drone comes with a 2.4G frequency transmitter with a maximum distance of 10m, ensuring stable and responsive control.
    • A 70m communication cable provides flexibility in exploration depth.
  7. Extended Package Options:
    • The Standard Version includes the sea otter RC submarine, transmitter, 32GB SD card, 50m cable, storage box, charger, charger line, base unit, and bracket.
    • The Advanced Version adds extra features, including a 64GB SD card, VR glasses, and an extended 70m cable for enhanced exploration capabilities.


The PowerVision PowerRay Explorer is not just an underwater drone; it’s a gateway to a mesmerizing world beneath the surface. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, explorer, or simply curious about the ocean depths, the PowerRay Explorer provides an unparalleled underwater experience. Dive in and witness the wonders of the aquatic world with this state-of-the-art underwater FPV drone.

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