Radix (XRD) Now Available on HitBTC: A Game-Changer for Web3 and DeFi

HitBTC is thrilled to introduce Radix (XRD), the native token of the Radix network, now available for spot trading on our platform in XRD/BTC and XRD/USDT trading pairs. As a token integral to securing the Radix network through delegated proof of stake, XRD offers unique functionalities within the Radix ecosystem.

Key Highlights of XRD on HitBTC:

  1. Spot Trading Pairs: XRD/BTC and XRD/USDT trading pairs are now accessible for spot trading on HitBTC.
  2. Transaction Fee Payment: Users can pay transaction fees exclusively in XRD within the Radix network.
  3. Medium of Exchange: XRD serves as a medium of exchange within the Radix network, facilitating seamless transactions.

About Radix: Pioneering a Better Experience for Users, Developers, and Capital

Radix stands as a smart contract platform designed to revolutionize user experience, programming capabilities, and scalability in the Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

1. A Radically Better User Experience:

  • Radix introduces innovations such as Smart Accounts, Personas, Radix Connect, Native Assets, and Transaction Manifests to enhance user experience.
  • User-friendly features are set to launch in Q2 2023, making Web3 as easy and safe as conventional banking apps.

2. A Radically Better Programming Experience:

  • Scrypto programming language, coupled with the Radix Engine virtual machine, redefines the developer experience.
  • Developers can build with confidence, focusing on functionality without compromising security.

3. A Radically Better Experience for Capital:

  • Radix’s scalability solution, Cerberus, offers infinite linear scalability while retaining atomic composability.
  • The Cerberus sharded form is set to release as part of the Radix Xi’an mainnet update in 2024.

Exciting Developments in the Radix Network:

  • Radix boasts an ecosystem of 130+ projects in development.
  • 750+ tokens are already part of the growing Radix network.

The addition of XRD to HitBTC aligns with Radix’s commitment to expanding access and usability. As the Radix network gears up for the “Babylon” upgrade in Q2 2023, live smart contracts are on the horizon, promising further advancements in the DeFi and Web3 space.

HitBTC is proud to contribute to the journey of Radix by providing a robust trading platform for XRD. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and explore the potential of XRD on HitBTC!

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