SJRC F11S 4K Pro GPS Drone – Enhance Your Aerial Photography Experience

Experience the pinnacle of drone technology with the SJRC F11S 4K Pro GPS Drone. Boasting an array of cutting-edge features and advanced stabilization technologies, this drone is designed to take your aerial photography and videography to new heights. From a robust GPS/GLONASS system to a self-stabilized gimbal with EIS technology, the F11S 4K Pro delivers an unparalleled drone experience.

Key Features:

  1. GPS/GLONASS Double Mode:
    • Benefit from precise and accurate positioning with the dual-mode GPS/GLONASS system, ensuring stable flight and reliable navigation.
  2. 4K HD Adjustable Camera:
    • Capture stunning aerial footage with the 4K HD camera, providing high-resolution images and videos for professional-level results.
  3. Two-Axis Electronic Stabilization Gimbal:
    • Enjoy smooth and stable footage with the self-stabilization mechanical gimbal and EIS stabilization technology, offering double stabilization for clear and shake-free images.
  4. Altitude Hold:
    • Achieve steady hover and stable flight with altitude hold, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about maintaining the drone’s height.
  5. Real-Time Image Transmission:
    • Experience live video streaming with real-time image transmission, providing a clear view of the drone’s perspective on your mobile device.
  6. Intelligent Follow:
    • Enable the drone to intelligently follow a subject, ensuring dynamic and engaging footage during outdoor activities.
  7. Surround Flight:
    • Explore the surroundings with the surround flight feature, offering a panoramic view and unique perspectives for your aerial photography.
  8. Waypoint Flight:
    • Plan and customize the drone’s flight path using waypoints, allowing you to create intricate and customized routes for unique shots.
  9. Point of Interest:
    • Set points of interest for the drone to circle or focus on, adding cinematic flair to your footage.
  10. Visiting Trace:
    • Enable the drone to trace a specific path, recording its journey and creating visually appealing trace patterns.
  11. Image Scaling:
    • Adjust the scale of captured images, offering flexibility in framing and composition.
  12. MPH & m/s & km/h Conversion:
    • Switch between different speed units to match your preference, providing convenience in flight control.
  13. Folding Portable Fuselage:
    • Enjoy the convenience of a foldable design, making the drone compact and easily portable for on-the-go adventures.
  14. One Key Course Reversal:
    • Quickly reverse the drone’s course with a single key press, adding versatility to your flight maneuvers.
  15. Video Editing:
    • Edit your videos directly through the drone, adding filters, effects, background music, and facilitating easy sharing of your creations.
  16. Gesture Control:
    • Control the drone with simple gestures, offering a hands-free and intuitive flying experience.
  17. Brushless Motor:
    • Benefit from the reliability and efficiency of brushless motors, ensuring a powerful and stable flight performance.
  18. MV Functions:
    • Explore various MV (Music Video) functions, including filters, video effects, and the ability to add background music for creative and personalized content.

Difference Between F11S 4K PRO and F11 4K PRO Drone:

F11S 4K PRO:

  • Self-Stabilized Gimbal + EIS Stabilization Technology:
    • Features a self-stabilization mechanical gimbal combined with EIS stabilization technology, providing a dual stabilization system for enhanced picture stability and clarity.

Unlock the full potential of aerial photography and videography with the SJRC F11S 4K Pro GPS Drone – where innovation meets stability for unparalleled results.

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