Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Everything You Need to Know


Are you planning to fly with Spirit Airlines and wondering about their unaccompanied minor policy? Navigating airline policies, especially concerning minors, can be daunting. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines’ unaccompanied minor service. From fees to requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

What is an Unaccompanied Minor?

Before diving into the specifics of Spirit Airlines’ policy, let’s define what an unaccompanied minor is. An unaccompanied minor is a child traveling without the presence of a parent or guardian on the same flight.

Why Choose Spirit Airlines for Unaccompanied Minors?

Spirit Airlines offers an unaccompanied minor service to ensure the safety and comfort of young travelers. This service provides assistance and supervision throughout the journey, giving parents peace of mind.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Explained

Age Requirements

Spirit Airlines accepts unaccompanied minors aged 5 to 14 years old. Children under 5 must be accompanied by someone 15 years or older.

Booking Process

When booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor, it’s essential to inform Spirit Airlines during the reservation process. This ensures proper arrangements and assistance are provided.


Spirit Airlines charges a fee for the unaccompanied minor service, which varies depending on the route and membership status. It’s crucial to check the current fee schedule when booking.

Identification Requirements

To comply with TSA regulations, all minors must have proper identification. Spirit Airlines requires minors to present a government-issued ID or passport, even if they are not required for adults.

Check-In and Boarding

Upon arrival at the airport, unaccompanied minors must check in at the ticket counter with a parent or guardian. Spirit Airlines staff will provide the necessary documents and instructions for the journey.

In-Flight Assistance

During the flight, Spirit Airlines crew members will ensure the well-being of unaccompanied minors. They’ll provide assistance with meals, entertainment, and any other needs throughout the journey.

Tips for Parents and Guardians

Prepare Your Child

Before the flight, it’s essential to prepare your child for the journey. Discuss what to expect and how to ask for help if needed. Packing essential items such as snacks, toys, and a comforting item can also ease anxiety.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself informed about Spirit Airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy and any updates or changes. Clear communication with the airline can help ensure a smooth experience for your child.

Arrival Procedures

Upon arrival at the destination, make sure the designated recipient is present to pick up the unaccompanied minor. Spirit Airlines requires the recipient to provide proper identification before releasing the child.


Navigating Spirit Airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By understanding the age requirements, fees, and procedures, parents and guardians can ensure a safe and comfortable journey for their young travelers. With proper preparation and communication, flying solo with Spirit Airlines can be a stress-free experience for both children and adults.

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