Unveiling the Top 6 Gaming Tokens of 2022 on HitBTC

Blockchain gaming has witnessed a surge in popularity and investment in 2022, driven by the rise of play-to-earn games on Ethereum sidechains. These innovative projects not only offer immersive gaming experiences but also provide players with opportunities to earn gaming tokens. Here are the top 6 gaming tokens available on HitBTC, making waves in the evolving world of crypto gaming.

1. MANA (Decentraland): Decentraland, a virtual 3D world on Ethereum, allows users to explore, interact, and build on virtual land. MANA, an ERC-20 token, is used for transactions within the Decentraland ecosystem. Spot and margin trading pairs, including MANA/BTC, MANA/ETH, MANA/USDT, are available on HitBTC, along with MANA x50 futures contracts.

2. SAND (Sandbox): Sandbox offers a metaverse where players can create, interact, and play games. SAND, the native token, is used to purchase land slots and engage with the platform. HitBTC supports spot and margin trading pairs like SAND/BTC, SAND/USDT, and SAND/USDT with x10 leverage. Additionally, SAND x25 futures contracts are available.

3. Axie Infinity (AXS) & SLP (Smooth Love Portion): Axie Infinity, a blockchain game with NFT-based creatures called Axies, has gained a massive global community. AXS is the governance token, while SLP is used for breeding Axies. HitBTC provides spot and margin trading pairs for AXS/BTC, AXS/USDT, and SLP/USDT, along with staking options for AXS.

4. ENJ (Enjin Coin): Enjin Coin (ENJ) powers the Enjin blockchain gaming platform, allowing developers to create in-game utility tokens and NFTs. HitBTC offers spot trading pairs for ENJ/BTC, ENJ/ETH, and ENJ/USDT. Margin trading pairs include ENJ/BTC with x10 leverage and ENJ/ETH with x5 leverage.

5. GALA (Gala Games): Gala Games is an ecosystem of player-run nodes with a variety of blockchain-based games. GALA is the utility token within the Gala Games ecosystem. Spot trading pairs for GALA/BTC and GALA/ETH are available on HitBTC.

6. ATLAS (Star Atlas): Star Atlas is a space-themed strategy game on the Solana blockchain, set in the year 2620. ATLAS is the native currency used for in-game transactions. HitBTC supports spot trading for ATLAS/USDT.

In Conclusion: Crypto gaming tokens offer exciting opportunities for players and investors alike. As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, these tokens provide a glimpse into the future of immersive and decentralized gaming experiences. HitBTC, with its diverse range of trading options, is your gateway to explore and invest in the dynamic world of gaming cryptocurrencies.

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