Use the Starry Projector Night Light to Change Your Space: A Galaxy of Features and Enchanting Moments

The Starry Projector Night Light is the main attraction when it comes to creating atmosphere and home decor since it provides an engaging experience that goes above and beyond the typical. Let’s explore the fascinating characteristics and attributes that turn this rotating sky moon lamp into a must-have item for any space enthusiast, enabling you to create a heavenly sanctuary in the comfort of your own house.

Features that Shine Bright:

  1. Rotating Sky Moon Lamp: The heart of this mesmerizing lamp lies in its ability to rotate, creating a celestial dance of stars and moons. It brings a touch of magic to any room, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  2. LED Bulbs for Lasting Brilliance: Harnessing the power of energy-efficient LED bulbs, this lamp not only provides bright illumination but ensures a long-lasting, starry spectacle that will grace your space for years to come.
  3. Lithium Ion Battery: The lightweight and durable lithium-ion battery offer the freedom to place the lamp anywhere, untethered by power outlets. It’s not just a lamp; it’s a portable universe at your fingertips.
  4. Durable ABS Body Material: Crafted from resilient ABS material, the lamp’s body is designed to withstand the test of time, resisting wear and tear. This ensures that the magic of the rotating sky moon lamp endures, bringing joy for years.
  5. Galaxy Lamps Design: Immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe with the galaxy design of this lamp. It adds a touch of awe and inspiration to any room, making it a conversation starter and a focal point of your decor.

Bringing the Universe Home:

  1. Starry Sky Night Light Projector: Elevate your surroundings with this cosmos Star Projector lamp, turning your room into a celestial wonderland. It’s a unique way to introduce your baby to the beauty of the night sky, fostering creativity and imagination.
  2. Moon and Star Night Light: Perfect for kids afraid of the dark, the soft glow of this night light provides comfort without disturbance. It’s a soothing companion for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  3. New Generation LED Beads: The lamp features higher power beads for brighter and more beautiful projections. With two power supply options—AAA batteries or USB cable—it offers versatility and convenience.
  4. Best Presents for Every Occasion: Whether decorating festivals, weddings, birthdays, or parties, this star night light is a delightful gift. Share the magic with friends and children, and watch as they fall in love with the enchanting display.

Specifications and Package:

  • LED Power: 3W
  • Product Size: 11*14.5cm
  • Material: ABS Material
  • Battery Capacity: 500MA
  • Power Supply: USB Rejected
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Music Player: U Disk+TF Card Bluetooth
  • Color: Multicolor

The package includes the Star Night Light Projector, USB Charging Cable, and User Manual for easy setup and enjoyment.


Science and art collide in The Starry Projector Night Light, where creativity soars. Convert your area into a celestial work of art, then watch as the magic happens with each slow turn. This lamp is more than simply a decoration—it’s an astronomical excursion, an evening under the stars, and an everlasting present. Captivate your senses, brighten your surroundings, and revel in the magic of your own galaxy.

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