Vulcan Forged (PYR): Unveiling the World of Blockchain Games and NFTs

Vulcan Forged stands as a prominent blockchain game studio and NFT marketplace, recognized for its creation, VulcanVerse. At the heart of Vulcan Forged’s ecosystem is PYR, the native utility token, serving various purposes within their platforms and games.

PYR Utility: PYR is utilized for several functions, including but not limited to:

  1. Marketplace Settlement Fees: PYR is employed for settling fees within the NFT marketplace.
  2. Staking in VulcanVerse: Users can stake PYR in VulcanVerse for land and other assets.
  3. Game Asset Upgrading: PYR is integral for upgrading and sustaining game asset levels.
  4. Play-to-Earn Rewards: Participants in Vulcan Forged ecosystems can earn PYR through play-to-earn mechanisms.
  5. Access to Programs: PYR provides access to game developers and the NFT dApp incubation program.

Vulcan Forged Platforms and Games:

  1. VulcanVerse: A Greco-Roman fantasy metaverse comprising 10,000 plots of land.
  2. Anvil: A crypto-less and gas-free NFT engine designed for seamless game and dApp onboarding.
  3. Vulcan Market: A gas-free NFT marketplace catering to all Vulcan Forged games.
  4. Berserk: An NFT online Trading Card Game (TCG).
  5. Frenzy: A create-your-own tournament platform with PYR as its reward token.

Circulating PYR Coins: The total supply of PYR is 50 million tokens, with a maximum circulation of 20 million. Additionally, 10 million PYR tokens are allocated for play-to-earn pools and staking, with their value determined by the off-chain asset LAVA.

Team at Vulcan Forged: Vulcan Forged boasts a team of 30 core members distributed across Greece, the UK, and Ukraine. The primary office is situated in Athens, Greece, led by CEO Jamie Thomson. Core team members can be explored on the official Vulcan Forged team page at

Live PYR Price Data:

  • Current Price: $4.32 USD
  • 24-Hour Trading Volume: $13,905,555 USD
  • CoinMarketCap Ranking: #193
  • Market Cap: $117,364,237 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 27,182,227 PYR
  • Max. Supply: 50,000,000 PYR

Top Exchanges for PYR Trading: For users interested in trading Vulcan Forged PYR, the top cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance, Cointr Pro, Bitunix, DigiFinex, and Bitrue.

Vulcan Forged’s commitment to merging blockchain technology with innovative gaming experiences positions PYR as a versatile utility token within a thriving ecosystem. As the world of blockchain games and NFTs continues to evolve, Vulcan Forged stands at the forefront, offering users a unique blend of play-to-earn opportunities and cutting-edge technologies.

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